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Writing diploma theses is not a simple task and requires great knowledge from the editor. It is not only about the correct use of English or foreign language depending on the field of study. Also, a lot of knowledge in a specific field is required, which, of course, when writing the diploma thesis, we will explore it.

Bachelor’s thesis

most often they have a theoretical character. In this case, it is enough to collect the relevant literature and other necessary materials. Then it should be in a logical and thoughtful way to organize everything and start writing.

Book, Education, Laptop.

Master’s thesis

on the other hand, they usually have a research character and often require some research. For this purpose, many tools can be used, however, the most popular among students are survey questionnaires.

Engineering works

they usually require creating a project. To this end, very different programs are used. Everything is really dependent on both the promoter and the student himself.

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